The Audacity of Drivers in Kuwait

I am sure I am not the only person driving in Kuwait who, at times, feels like taking their licence and simply snapping it in half.

As many fellow motorists are aware of the special circumstance surrounding the traffic light on the Maghreb Expressway (the 40), where the emergency lane suddenly becomes a fully fledged lane near the traffic light. This gives some people an excuse to drive on the last stretch of the emergency lane, I admit, I have done it before, and the ramifications were horrendous. I was not going at a breakneck speed, on the contrary, I was slowing down, but the vibrations of the car atop the emergency lane were enough to deter me from ever doing that again, I felt as though my car would fall apart, or the wheels would explode.

How is it then, that you find people in much more expensive vehicles, deliberately and intentionally SPEEDING in the emergency lane, in their Lexus’s, their Porshe’s, their Hummer’s, their Mercedes and their BMWs. How?

When I come to take an exit from a highway, I always join the queue, but am thoroughly aggrevated by the behemoths who feel too important to stand in line and instead opt to speed to the exit and cut-in, yesterday I had someone do that in such a manner that if I did not react, I would have been collided into, and guess what? To add insult to injury, the ghitra clad motorist had a sign on his rear windshield “Baby on Board”.

Just yesterday as I was heading to the gym from work, driving down the 55 (airport road), I saw a “religious man”, all clad in ghitra, full beard and prayer beads in his hand, forcibly inject his monster truck from the extreme right lane into the adjacent left one.

Do these people, him and his likes, not know that religion, is not just about prayer beads and beards? It is not about being ontime for prayer every day, at the mosque all the time? It is how you treat your fellow human being?

When will the cops of Kuwait take an active stance to combat this growing phenomena of reckless driving?

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