The Avenues Mall Name & Shame Parking Offenders

It never ceases to amaze me the depth to which people drop when doing something as simple as parking their vehicles when heading out to a mall etc. You have the shameless folks who believe that the handicapped parking zones are for their own personal usage (a friend alerted me that in some areas of Kuwait there are signs that read take my handicap along with my parking spot) or the ignorant who park improperly at turns etc. making the process of maneuvering to avoid them a very tiring task, all because they simply cannot find the time to find a proper parking spot.

The Avenues Mall has a rather ingenious way to deal with said offenders:


A quick stroll around the parking lot at yesterday evening (JAM PACKED) would show more than a few of these beauties strategically placed on vehicles that have either parked in incorrect areas (i.e. sides etc) or, as was the case with the gem above, used the handicapped parking zones for themselves.

No words exist that can sum up my feelings of vile and repulsiveness at any and all that proceed to park in such ways. Why they believe they are better than everyone else that strives to follow order and park properly  is beyond me.

Avenues Mall should be patrolled by Police, with tire clamps for the likes of those above. They should be made to realize that they are just as important as everyone else.

Big thumbs up to the Avenues Mall; you may not be able to curb the smokers inside the Avenues, however this is one decent step towards civility in the parking lot.

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