The Beauty that Remains

Loss is universal, it is the true language we all understand. It is the thing we do not think about yet always fear. It resides in the recesses of our mind, pouncing forth at times to bring your life into perspective. As the year 2014 slowly comes to an end, waning from existence into the annals of time, it is imperative to review this one concept above all: Loss is universal.

Say your friend is getting married, or your neighbor just got a new car, or you just got a new job. People can share your happiness but not understand it as it may never happen for them; however, when it comes to dealing with loss, in the back of our minds we all know it is merely a matter of time. The collective grief felt over the loss of a dear friend’s loved one reminds us that life is fleeting. We try to choke out words of comfort knowing that none exist. We try to keep foreboding thoughts at bay, despite knowing it is the ultimate eventuality.

 How often we wish there were a way, to waive a magic wand and make all bad feelings go away.

Whether they be anger, envy, jealousy or loss,

a magical answer we have yet to come across.

It is unfortunate that we are born to this earth with so much potential, and yet the only thing promised to us is not fame or fortune, health or well being, freedom nor slavery; the sad truth is that the only thing promised in life is death. Much like a car’s value immediately depreciates the moment its wheels touch the street, so to do we depreciate from the moment we are born.

The only comfort to be drawn is that in the infinite wisdom that is humanity, we are given a tool with which to cope. It is our namesake in the Arabic language. Mankind is called انسان (insaan), which stems from the verb نسيان (nesyan) which means to forget. Make no mistake we never forget our loved ones, they always remain in our thoughts, however we forget the pain of their loss, slowly, surely, daily.


In Loving Memory of everyone we have lost.

beauty remains

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