The Best Ready-Made Lemonade in Kuwait

The Summer season is slowly coming to a close, soon we will be engulfed in the bitter cold that makes one shiver and forget these days of heat, only to be reminded of them once more and yearn for the cold embrace yet again.

A surefire way to endure the heat is to help yourself to a glass of lemonade; after all, its what our childhood (& Hollywood) taught us right?


Back in the day lemonade was freshly squeezed and always a treat! As children we always opted for more sweet less sour, hence a good serving (i.e. a tablespoonfull) of sugar was added to the mix, and later, one would tilt the glass at almost 90’s with their tongue sticking out inside waiting for the precious sugar to slowly work its way down the side of the glass and onto our anticipating taste-buds.

Now unfortunately it is much too hot in Kuwait to actually peddle lemonade from a stand, hence, in the absence of such cute providers, one must turn their attention elsewhere to quench their thirst.

Here is where:


The familiar sight at all Co-ops & Markets

The fresh juice market of Kuwait is ridiculously overpriced, given the fact that elsewhere one can drink themselves into a diabetic coma for a mere fraction of the price it takes to get one tall, frosty glass of something here, we tend to avoid “fresh” and opt for processed.

The two top contenders for the crown of best lemonade in Kuwait? Al Marai & Nadec.

This is not one of your Pepsi Vs Coca Cola deals. There is a huge difference in tastes between the two:

Al Marai is more Lemon than mint – a favored additive in most drinks, whereas Nadec is more mint than lemon. Much like the Yin-Yang, a balance of sorts needs to be achieved to harmonize the combination and invigorate the taste buds.

The key operative word is: Balance

Whichever one beats the other to a peach drink shall win the Juice Wars of Kuwait (or Passion Fruit)!

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