The Blood Bank of Kuwait is a DISGRACE!

Despite its noble intention, the management are disgraceful.

Today, I received a message from a dear friend of mine informing me that a father of a friend was undergoing heart surgery next Monday, and was in need of blood donors, type A+.

I happen to be A+.

I was hoping to write a congratulatory post for The Blood Bank of Kuwait, in Jabriya by Mubarak Hospital, as my previous visit to them (roughly 2 years ago) was a very refreshing experience.

This day however, was beyond disgraceful, it was absolutely shameful.

I arrived at the blood bank, having received the message around 11am or so, by 12:20pm.

The reception was deserted.

Never mind, we were there for a noble cause, so I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Many people came and went, asking me, as I was standing by the counter, where were the reception personnel?

I ventured into the donation area to inquire, and one fine lady informed me that a change of shift was happening, and that the reception personnel would arrive in five minutes.

If my understanding of shifts is correct, one person punches out when the new person is punching in, and not hours before.

I waited there till 1pm, and still, no one showed up.

It seems very hypocritical that blood donations, which are often at times a very precise, timely effort, be delayed by the very people charged to facilitate the process?

I do hope that whoever is in charge ensures that this incident never happens again, lives are literally at stake.

The hypocrisy of having a such an Ad and not having the decency to be on attention is frustrating.



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