Mistaken Identity II – The Boy Who Cried Wolf in Mishref

This incident is the much anticipated sequel to the fictional story I posted a while ago (link), however, the twist here is that this ACTUALLY happened! REALLY!

Why don’t you believe me?


“We’re with the Police, please show us your ID.”

The words sent chills down my spine as all of the sudden, a cornucopia of ideas exploded in my mind as to the reason behind my current predicament.

Could they be a sting operation that got wind of my activities of selling iPhone accessories for a friend? I was contacted earlier during the day by a person wishing to buy “a few” (of this item here), who incidentally happened to be in Mishref. Coincidence?

My mind backtracked to the beginning of that day, sitting behind my laptop screen at work.

At the stroke of 5pm I got up from my seat and proceeded to the bathroom to get ready to run, slipping out of my work suit and into my running gear. Of all days to be dressed from head to toe in black, closely resembling a thief in the night, I had to choose this day. Everything, and I mean everything was black, black t-shirt, long black sweat pants, black jacket, even black … (wait, too much information, lets move on) the point is, I looked ready to blend into the night, all that was missing was a black ski mask.

At 5:30 I ventured down towards my car, which was jam packed with baggage, two gym bags, my laptop bag, further fueling the image of someone hiding something.

Little did I know how all these seemingly innocent pieces would fit together into a complex web of mistaken identity!

I arrived at the Mishref Walkway in good time. The parking lot was deserted, as usual, so I parked in my usual spot by the lamp post, got out and set up the table with the free water for runners then idled around my own vehicle.

All of the sudden, a pair of bright lights entered the parking lot, heading straight for me.

The white vehicle parked at a strange angle, despite the parking lot being desolately empty. The man seated in the passenger seat, in a white runners jacket, was talking to me. At first, he signaled me to come closer. I know this movie, I thought. I come up closer to give you directions and get a face full of chloroform. No thank you. So I merely nodded my head and went about my business.

He stepped out of his car, came up to me and held out a card dangling from his neck. All I read was C.I.D. Then he said:

“We’re with the Police, please show us your ID.”

Immediately I thought of every minor offence I may have committed earlier, and started to panic, despite my outward demeanor being calm and collected. I handed over my ID, smiling. He asked where I worked, I told him. Then he asked me what I was doing there.

This is where I believed that if I ever went to jail, I would definitely be a snitch. As I sang like a canary, told him everything from A to Z as to who I was, what I was doing there, what the running group does, who runs it, the whole enchilada.

I was anxiously awaiting anyone from the group to show up to corroborate my story. I did not look left or right so as not to appear “confused” and warrant a more extensive search though!

Apparently, he bought my story, but, as he was walking away he looked into my car, saw the various bags strewn across it and asked whats in those bags? He then proceeded to pull out a flashlight and inspect the car, followed by the trunk. I obliged, I had nothing to hide. Only then I was thinking, what if he finds those covers? Why did I carry all those magazines I had been collecting at work with me now? What if he asks about the tea that my friend gave me from Yemen? I was subscribing to the chaos theory that everything that could go wrong will go wrong.

Strangely enough, nothing happened. The man was beyond polite, even apologized and reiterated that it was a routine inspection, and that they had received word of several thefts in Mishref, hence they were patrolling the area. He then asked me to note down the licence plate number of any suspicious cars, and that they would be around.

At the end of the night, the cop even came up to me to ask about one of the people seated close by, check and see if he was legit with us. So, I became an unofficial informant! (like theres any other kind!)

Yes, and this time, it REALLY happened!

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