The Consequences of Bullying: Trolls Beware

In a unique, landmark case, A Berkshire man has been jailed for posting abusive messages online on social media about a teenage schoolgirl after she committed suicide.

All bloggers are familiar with “Trolling”, a term used to describe the trend of anonymously seeking to provoke outrage by posting insults and abuse online.

Is it any wonder that she:

Natasha MacBryde threw herself under a train after being bullied

As a result of being bullied, Natasha decided to take her own life, ending it beneath the tracks of a train.

In one of the posts he called her a slut. He also posted a video on YouTube, entitled Tasha the Tank Engine, showing the children’s character Thomas the Tank Engine with Miss MacBryde’s face.

Was trolled posthumously by him, whom she’d never met:

Sean Duffy

Duffy, a 25 year old who had also posted offensive messages about Lauren Drew, 14, of Gloucestershire, who was found dead after suffering a suspected epileptic seizure, Hayley Bates, 16, of Staffordshire, who died in a car crash, and Jordan Cooper, 14, who was stabbed to death in Northumberland. The court heard he suffers with alcohol problems and has Asperger’s syndrome.

Would you like to know the sickness of society? Someone will claim that trolling is merely exercising Freedom of speech.

It is a sad reality that has plagued humanity for countless generations, now finally finding its way across the tangible world and onto our computers and cyberspace.

The age old adage of “sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me“, is only a fairly tale.

The psychology behind bullying, the mentality of it, is not understood properly; a lot of individuals will claim it is merely “teasing” and not “hazing“, and that it “builds character“, “you must fight your own battles” etc. and several other cliches coined in Tinseltown however having no weight in the real world.

The rule of the playground governs the psyche of school children and adults alike, “I must not rat or snitch“, leaving them exposed to further abuse at the hands of their peers, until they can no longer stand it, and choose to take matters into their own hands, and tragically end their lives, leaving behind a huge cavernous emptiness in the hearts of their loved ones.

What people do not realize is that what you choose to share online forever remains in the vast ocean that is the internet, for all to see, to read, over and over. Some derive a twisted pleasure out of merely commenting or posting to rile others up, to anger the masses, thinking it makes them defiant, aloof, cool.

The rules of the playground are outdated, there is nothing courageous about remaining silent in the face of such abuse. If afraid to inform your parents or your teachers, your siblings or your friends, there are numerous hotlines that offer assistance.

You have to have been bullied in your life to understand the depression that comes along with it, of not wanting to get up in the morning, to go to work/ school etc. wherever it was your tormentors lurked. I was silent during my ordeal, now I refuse to stand by idly and watch it seep deeper and deeper into society, for you would be naive to think that bullying does not happen in the State of Kuwait, you need merely direct your browser over to Kuwait Exposed (link) and read the at times disturbing posts of both victims and bullies themselves.

Bullying needs to stop, and it needed to stop yesterday.

How many more lives will be lost before proper action is taken to prevent this epidemic?

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