The day I got down on one Knee

Last week marked the anniversary

of a day that will always be

Very special to me.

We walked to the restaurant, her friends were right there,

Would I mess up, would I make an error?

Thoughts of mistakes filled my heart with horror.

I was so nervous, I thought I would stutter!

Why was it difficult for my strength to muster?

What if I would not be able, to show this angel,

How much she really does matter?

I could not help but foresee disaster,

The waiter came to take our order,

I looked at her,

My heart melted like butter,

Then and there I knew,

The moment was drawing closer.

3, 2, 1…

Will you ... ?

I don’t recall being as happy,

As the day I got down on one Knee,

And asked her to Marry Me.

Happily Ever After

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