The deforestation of the Gulf Road in Kuwait


Any taking the Gulf road in the area between Marina and the 2nd Ring Road are in for a barren surprise.

Simply put; green = life

All things green around us are living, breathing beings that albeit being stationary, are extremely crucial to the prolongation of life as we know it for through the process of photosynthesis oxygen is replenished in our atmosphere.

Personally I found the green area in between the two opposite roads of the Gulf Road rather pleasing. The fresh smell of the bushes in the morning served as a motivator for runners and cyclists alike. Imagine my surprise however when cycling down the gulf road on Saturday morning to discover scores of baladiya employees dressed in their purple or yellow overalls proceeding to uproot all shrubs and bushes on the island between the roads leaving it a barren, naked, desolate wasteland.

The only thought that comes to mind is why?

If fur is murder, so is the uprooting of greens.

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