The First Egyptian Embassy Sponsored Gathering after the Elections

Yesterday night, the Egyptian embassy hosted a social gathering in honor of the newly elected president, Dr. Mohammed Morsy.

The people were rambunctious in their unabated show of support for the new path in which Egypt was heading; everywhere flags could be seen waving, people smiling, and an overall atmosphere of prosperity, a hopefulness that was contagious.

The Police were out in full force outside (and inside) to ensure the evenings festivities went along smoothly.

Of course, given that the event was open to all, there were bound to be a few hiccups along the way.

After one hour from the proposed start time, the doors were closed, however the knocks on the door proved to be very distracting, hence, after deliberation, it was decided to just open the doors and let the people stand inside.

During the event some people walked in with banners that the organizers refused to let them air, this caused a bit of tension and a growing crowd could be seen discussing the issue. In the end, after the intervention of the Police, the banners were taken away.

A good note was the sight of an elderly gentlemen on a walking stick who came late being offered a chair by a person who was seated. Shows there was still good left in the world.

The evening kicked off with the national anthem of Egypt, followed by Kuwait, and speeches by several dignitaries including the Ambassador. Musicians and party-folk were scheduled for the rest of the evening.

Overall, it was a step in the right direction, and the first of its kind for many.

Congratulations Egypt.


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