The Future of Gaming

As a child, I went through the normal progression of gaming consoles, started off with the trust ol’ Atari and its joysticks, playing that jungle boy game, the car races, and the the planes one too! My favorite was the hide-and-seek game.


Then, it was time for the old nintendo console, with the games on its memory and the brightly colored cartridges:


Funny story, I once let a friend borrow mine, and the idiot had to go and play mechanic with it, I have no idea what possessed him to melt the plastic above the power supply, where you would plug the funny cross-shaped adapter head with the several different shapes. But he did. So he was calling me up one time and my little brother answered so I told him “tell the guy to piss off and hang up on him”, and what does my young brother do? He literally tells the guy “Aymz said piss off and hang up on him”, neglecting the fact that the last portion of that sentence was an action, not a statement!

Then ofcourse, came the Sega! Enter Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Streets of Rage and most importantly, Sonic The Hedgehog!


Remember the different gamepads that came with the Sega? They had the extra XYZ buttons, as well as a control for quickness via six knobs on the gamepad. Good times. Simple times.

Then, it was time to move on to the PS1, with the first taste of Analogue and 3D gaming. I remember my first game was Resident Evil III, and I stayed up for hours playing that game, until my eyes literally, literally saw the whole word in pixelated form! I was addicted.

I stopped @ the PS2 for the sheer quickness at which games were developing. Now we have the Dreamcast, the Wii, the XBox, the PS3.

Now games are incorporating more than just gamepads, they have tennis raquets, boxing gloves, exercise mats, guitars, drum kits, dance pads etc etc.

What will the future be?

Heres a peak:

A buddy of mine who writes for Rated Gamer Gear pointed me to this wonderful website, which serves as a great way to vent and have a laugh at the same time! Please note that I do not publish websites haphazardly, and doubly check whether any link I show is tainted or not. I’m not the kinda guy who’ll send you to a website with a Trojan on it or something.

Without further adieu, the website is as follows:


This is the website, just “touch” the scenery

For those of you too chicken to try it, let me explain: the website accesses your camera, and you are shown yourself amidst a plethora of objects around you. Your movement is translated into music, an orchestra (hence the word orchestrion), you can tap the clouds and make it rain, you can bash the drums and make them go BOOM, you can move everything on the screen, without using a gamepad!

So is it any wonder that, as a young tike back when the internet was first booming, and digital cameras were a luxury commodity, and the chatrooms were exploding with people wanting to share your world and see you irl, that I feel for the “your monitor is a camera” gag, and actually smiled as the monitor flashed and the picture of an orangutan showed up? I’m sure I wasnt the only one who fell for it! Probably the only fool to admit it though!

Imagine if the next console is basically just that, a console with a camera installed on it, and you are free to interact with the game in whatever which way you choose. Pushing aside curtains, punching villains, high kicks, scaling walls, the ultimate 4D gaming experience.

The future is now!

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