The Gift of Health – 26 years, 26K Run

No preparation. No dietary requirement. Minimal rest and stretching.

Those were the components of a run that spanned 26K, in celebration of turning 26.

Back in the days of youthful folly and ignorance, I would indulge in a lone, single, celebratory birthday cigar. Later I realized the error of my ways, celebrating one passing year of life with a cancer stick? Hence, I needed to find a more healthy, productive way to celebrate my birthday. And an idea was born. For every year on this earth, I’d run one kilometer (by the time I’m 42 I should be ready for a full length Marathon!).

I stayed up late on the night of my birthday. I had not eaten anything that day since the afternoon (save a few slices of delicious cheesecake), I contemplated delaying, postponing, changing venues etc. In the end I gritted my teeth and went for it.

The beauty of life lies in spontaneity, preparation is all good and well, but it is the randomness that gives life taste.

We run not because we have to, we run because we want to. Health should not be a chore, it should be a choice.

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