The Golden Rule at the Gym

People go to the gym for different reasons. Some are ordered by their physicians in order to abstain from a life of obesity and sloth, prolong their expected life span and live a more healthy life. Others are there to attain the ultimate physique, which is relative and differs from one person to the next.

Imaginary Vs. Reality

Overall, we exercise for different reasons. However there is one golden rule that must be followed during working out.

Never, ever, ever, ever look someone in the eye in the mirror as they are a) working out or b) admiring themselves. It is extremely awkward to the nth degree, like walking in on a couple making out except in this case its one person making out with themselves (per se).

By making direct eye contact with these individuals, the self admiration connection is indirectly transfered to your person, making the act appear as come hither to . Not a good look in the gym, surrounded by sweat and hormones.

The sad fact is that you will be seeing something different than what that person is seeing, as illustrated above, hence the reality you see coupled with the imagination that person sees will cause a cornucopia of awkwardness to explode right before your eyes that may be very damaging to you.

You have been warned.

you DO NOT want to look a person in the eye with this look on their face

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