The Greatest Laugh is Inward

I always Enjoy a good laugh; but my latest escapade was directed at an unlikely source:


I was spending the evening near Mubarak Al-Kabir, the Old Souk of Kuwait. It is a magical place at night. Feels like the perfect blend of history and the modern day.

Anyhoo, as I was moseying along; I came across a huge sign before me. I quickly read the arabic text and figured, wow, I wonder what kind of shop has such a huge advertisement for mustaches? (شارب = mustache in arabic!) What kind of products do they sell? Now, please note that a while back some mustache-activist was demanding a tax benefit for those in the USA with upper-lip-fluff. That was probably on my subconscious mind. I rushed forward to check out what this strange shop was and..

Now, in my defense, Sharp is just one of those words that you do not use as often anymore! Its an endangered word, and there is always that P, B ب conundrum. Suffice to say, I had myself a Jeff Foxworthy worthy “you might be a redneck” chuckle at my gullibility.

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