The Hand of Cop!

Ever since Kuwait had its “traffic awareness” week, I have been feeling the buzz on the streets. Literally!

The growing presence of Police cars in the streets, and the never-ending wailing of their sirens, has become a rather refreshing change.

One always used to wonder where on earth are the cops in this country, whenever you would see someone taking an illegal U-turn, going in reverse on a one way road, double (sometimes triple, quadruple) parked on a busy street to run some sort of errand or other, mostly awaiting food from a nearby fast-food joint etc.

But by far, the worst offense of all, and I am sure you will agree with me on this, are those jerks who believe they are too good, too important and to busy to stand in traffic like everyone else, so they circumvent standing in queue at traffic lights by attempting to cut in from the side, usually at the expense of those people who want to take the “free right” as I like to call it.

People, rejoice, for those days are gone!

Yes, I would never have believed it had I not seen it myself, this morning on Tunis St. The Law begins at the traffic light, where, pleasantly stationed, is a fierce, bearded, brown clad individual with an eagle eye for trouble makers.

As I was driving down the road, it became apparent that people are now aware that the cop stands at the far end near the traffic light, so they pile up a bit earlier, attempting to harangue their way into the third lane going left. (use your imagination and pretend to be birds looking down!)

The cop had other plans. Having spotted two such cars parked behind each other, attempting to force their way into the lane (mind you the traffic light had turned green), he proceeded with cool, calm effort. They had no where to go, cornered like rats, all they could do was wait and look on, he was approaching them and signaling.. for them to go in the opposite direction!

In case you are not familiar with the topography, the traffic light at Tunis St. gives you three options; to make a u-turn and go back towards Beirut St, to go straight and into Jabriya, or finally to turn left and get on the fourth heading towards Salmiya.

The cop forced the two culprits to veer out of their way and take a right, taking them FAR off their intended course, as they would now have to navigate to a farther bridge, wait in line, take a u-turn and get back to where they originally wanted to go.

Today was a great day. I find it amazing that the 5-0 are now permanently stationed in strategic locations.

Law breakers, beware!

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