The Healthy-Pricey Trade Off when Grocery Shopping in Kuwait

Ever Notice how healthy food is always much higher priced than its relatively non-healthy equivalent?

It is not non-healthy per se, but ever since the turn of the century, and Mayonnaise being labelled the grand culprit of obesity, as well as Sodium, and whole wheat bread being healthier than white; the continuum of health has been geared towards reducing potentially harmful ingredients from food for a healthier lifestyle.

Take a look at the following price-tags:


White Spagetti - 380fils


Variety of other Pastas, all under 500fils


Different brand, same prices roughly

Now, lets have a look at the Whole Wheat Pasta, located separately from the “normal” pasta, and prices starting from 990 fils and rising. 





Side by side comparison of Prices: healthy, 90% fat free Smoked Turkey is KD1.980, its non-fat free counterpart is KD1.495

Mortadella with Olives - 90% fat free KD1.285, normal KD0.750

 Why are the food companies trying to kill us off earlier, and charge us more for feeding us healthier food? Should not the world take a direction towards healthy living, and have the prices be atleast marginally similar? This would atleast have people eating healthier, and hopefully living longer lives, without having to spend almost 40% more to eat the same food, but healthier.

It is my humble opinion that governments should subsidise the healthier alternative foods, to make them more appealing to the consumer, and take a positive step toward eliminating preventable diseases.

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