The Igloo Mosques of Kuwait



Lets face the facts; Kuwait is hotter than walking through the Sahara at 3PM in a fur coat and thermal gear; a lot of people do strange things to keep cool, some bathe in icewater, others keep their AC’s at freezing low temperatures.

However, for the latter, it is important to remember that usually during the Summer months Kuwait undergoes an electricity scare whereby the power available is not enough for everyone’s requirements.

Now on the opposite end of the problem spectrum, as schools are currently out and those students that have not travelled are lazing about, often in large gangs of 10 or more, with no place to contain them they always head for the nearest place where people can gather and escape the heat; the mosques.

Now this caused problems in that these children were loud and rambunctious, and more often than not distracted people going to the mosque to pray, especially at Fajr time (3:30AM). In addition to these gangs of children, fathers who take their infant children with them to the mosque and leave them to run around in the back screaming whilst they pray also add to the conundrum.

The Imams have called time and time again for fathers to not bring their children to the mosque if they lack discipline, and have requested the gangs to stay out, to no avail.

Now however it appears that the mosque next door has found a good way to keep people from overstaying… the thermostat.

The mosque is freezing cold at Fajr time, to the point where on the weekends where one stays in the mosque from Fajr to Dawn, I have to take a jacket with me.

This seems to be working in that there are no kids running around, but it seems rather thrifty of a mosque that is meant to promote the values of conservation.

What to do?

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