The Importance of Spell Check in Advertising

With the advent of Microsoft Word and several online dictionaries, one would believe that advertisers of all people would take heed of the importance of avoiding silly spelling mistakes, as they more often than not reflect a poor attention to detail which would severely affect their reputation.

One famous restaurant in Hawally (on Beirut Street, shan’t say any more) has a rather comical menu, whereby they spelt the same exact word differently three times on separate pages of their menu.

I will not begin to approach the thousands upon thousands of roaming taxi’s and their laugh riot names.

However, if you are attempting to sell your car through the most popular car sales website in Kuwait, it might be a good idea to check the spelling before you publish it. As I am sure no one would enjoying having an internal hard di*k in their vehicle, that would make driving very awkward indeed.

apparently this car comes with its own appendage, and is most definitely MALE

Whether it is advertising or blogging, please do take the time to ensure the non occurrence of simple spelling mistakes, as it does tend to drive readers (or potential buyers) away, albeit with a smile on their face.

Spell Check: learn to use it.

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