The Killing of Childhood in Kuwait

For those of us that have lived in the same area for many years, witnessing change is not uncommon. More often than not however, that change is for the worse.

This sign post was errected in Hawally, near the intersection of Tunis St. & Beirut St. It is right behind KFC.


No playing Football – Municipality of Kuwait – Under threat of legal action

As the translation suggests, anyone caught playing football will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As you can see, the area is relatively wide and offers expanses of open space that might appeal to children wishing to partake in a friendly game of football. It is a dead area in that traffic is minimal, with few parked cars around.

Unfortunately, it happens to be right-smack-dab near a municipality building (which I always thought was abandoned).

If you are to compare the state of childhood 20 years or so in the past, you would find that back then there was an expanse of space available in every building where children could enjoy their youthful folly. Fastforward to today however, and you will find that every available space in any building is being used for parking, or storage of some sort. Buildings are now much larger than they were back then, with much fewer open spaces.

Now in addition to this, the available open areas are being “closed off”?

Childhood is murdered, and the culprit is the mad dash for cash and supposed “progress”.

Hang your heads in shame.

PS to those that will tout that Kuwait has made available football pitches that can be rented etc. to those I say, since when are children expected to pay for their childhood? Whatever happened to the open sand pitches that were strewn across Kuwait? Most famously the ones right next to Mubarak Hospital in Jabriya; those pitches hosted inter-school football tournaments, there were PLENTY. Now? Only 2 remain, the rest of the area was converted into Parking, a road, and government structures.

Goodbye outside, hello obesity and connection obsession.

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