The Kindness of Strangers

A Random Act of Kindness goes a long way

Never talk to strangers is the first lesson our parents teach us when we become aware of the outside world. It is better to be safe than sorry, as one cannot accurately discern the intent of strangers.

However,there are times one would be surprised at the kindness exhibited by strangers. 3 tales to that regard:


Whilst enjoying a friendly game of football with the neighborhood kids, one stout child with deep seeded issues kicked the ball (which belonged to me) a tad too hard, clearing the surrounding fence and landing smack in the middle of the road, in the exact tracks of an oncoming SUV.

We watched, as if time stood in slow motion, as the ball rolled forward, almost attempting to return to its owner, pleading for help, as it was crushed mercilessly beneath the giant wheels of the oncoming, uncaring, unknowing SUV.


The loss of our Dear Friend

We were upset, and the SUV drove off.

Whilst mourning the loss of our beloved football, killer of idle hours and bringer of fun and joy, an SUV pulled up, the same SUV that murdered our friend. The man offered us money for the ball. We accepted.

We were happy.


Behold the Vending machine!

At a very young age, I was unfortunately, addicted to the drink.

The fizzy drink.

Looking back now, given my current 9 month sobriety from the fizz, I see the error of my ways. However, that is neither here nor there, so we dispense the story as it should have been told.

My family and I were on our weekly trip to the supermarket, back at that time, every supermarket looked different, hence it was an adventure on its own just to go there, walk around the aisles, sample the food too!

Outside, after shopping, I remembered that I needed a fix. I had convinced my parents to spot me a 100fils coin, and I proceeded to the nearest vending machine to fuel my depraved state.

I gazed upon the beauty of the vending machine. The god-sent device that would ease my suffering and offer a temporary respite from the harsh, heated weather.

I Insert the  coin into the vending machine.

Chick, chick, clunk.

I eagerly punch in my request.




The machine stole my money. I was very distraught, on the verge of tears. Fortunately, an older man saw my dilemma, came forward, put in another coin, punched in a request and, sure enough, the can came shooting down. (it was a Miranda).

He walked away with a smile, leaving me smiling as well.


More recently than the other stories, whilst vacationing in Bangkok, I was using the skytrain to get home, and accidentally took the wrong exit to get home (instead of taking the stairs on the left, from which I go right, I took the stairs on the right, and went right, taking me further from my destination, my hotel, and my soft, warm bed).

As any who have been to Thailand will tell you, it is rather infamous for its “nightly pleasures”. And everyone, from the grocer to the tuc-tuc driver will try to talk you into indulging in their “transgressions“.

Bangkok, Holla! City of Squala!

So as I was heading the wrong way to my hotel, a guy stops me and says, “My Flend, you want “insert-morally-questionable act here”, “here”, “here”, “here” and “here”.

So I politely said, no thank you, smiled, and kept heading in the wrong direction.

He responds, “my Flend, are you sure? I can get you good price on “transgression”, “transgression”, “transgression”, good girls too.

Again, I said thank you, smiled, and walked faster.

He follows, and goes, well what do you want? To which I reply, just to get to my hotel thank you. So he asks, where is your hotel? I told him the road, and he says, but that road is that way, and points in the other direction.

This time, I thank him in Thai (Khap Kun Khap) and walk away into the night.


The lesson to be taken from this is that there is little in this life that is black or white. It is up to us to discern for ourselves. I am not saying go out and trust strangers, but do not assume all strangers are out to get you.

Trust your gut.

Kindness of Strangers

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