The Lazy life of Kuwait – Bicycle Ordering

For those that have spent a wee bit of time in the desert state of Kuwait, you will find that most of the creature comforts we enjoy are brought upon as a result of the external environment in which we reside.

For example, the infamous baqala-drive-by, whereby we park our cars outside the baqala, honk twice or thrice, give our order to the shopkeeper, receive the items, pay, wait, receive change, then drive off into the (hopeful) sunset.

This phenomena is also replicated outside restaurants, with the same conditions.

Earlier this week however, I decided to upset the established order and do things differently.

I rode up to my preferred restaurant to cure my cravings for fatayer, initially I was ignored by the people taking orders, because as I said earlier, I rode up to them, not drove; as in on my bicycle, not in my car. The following conversation took place:

Me: I want to make an order.

Restaurant Dude: go inside.

Me: But I am on a bicycle.

Restaurant Dude: its ok, don’t worry.

Me: Excuse me, can you please treat me as if I am a car?! (verbatim translation of what I said in Arabic)

Restaurant Dude: *laughs* *takes order*


I took to the streets whilst waiting for the food to be made, upon my return, Restaurant Dude goes, “here you go, Mr. Car”.

I’d like to think I am about to set a trend for bicycle ordering.

Of course, I have nothing on these guys:



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