The Lion, The Blogger & the Animal Rights Advocates – A Tale of Kuwait

Hark children! Gather around, as we spin a tale of wonder and bewilderment for your entertainment!

Once upon a time, in the days of past weekend, a strange occurrence did occur, in a little country far from any jungle, a desert paradise of blowing sands and burning sunshine.

In this particular weekend, in this specific desert, images of a blogger would emerge on the world wide web of indifference. Normally such images would warrant little attention from the population at large save those that chose to follow said blogger, if not however for the ferocious presence of a little king of the jungle, far away from home.

The King of the Jungle!

The King of the Jungle!

The apex predator, the king of the jungle, far removed from his natural habitat and treated as though a lowly member of the feline family, as opposed to its true disposition of sitting atop the food chain. A dominant conqueror in its early stages, unaware of the power of its jaws nor the strength of its paws.

As photos of this majestic creature surfaced all over the realm of social media, unbeknownst to the blogger, the sentiments raised by the Animal Rights Advocates (ARA) were not what was anticipated. As the majority of the desert populace “ooh’d” and “aah’d” at the apparently playful feline, the ARA cited abuse at first sight. For this was the future king of the jungle, being photographed as a mere teddy-cat.

Was there any abuse shown toward the cub, be it emotional, physical or otherwise? Not to the naked eye. And as with anything that is on the inside, its assessment proves quite the herculean task.

A tirade ensued between the blogger and the ARA over the images of the fun loving feline king. And here the story becomes interesting; the cub did not belong to the blogger. We leave it to your good judgment to imagine who would have the clout to bring in an exotic animal as a “pet”.

The plot thickens.

Now the blogger felt alienated and offended on social media, and apparently called upon the owners of the cub for assistance, which apparently took the form of legal coercion, threatening and enforcing legal action against the ARA.

In an instance where people attempt to give voice to the voiceless, the tables turn abruptly upon them giving rise to serious doubts regarding standing up for what is perceived to be right.

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