The Lion’s Mane – Understanding Metro Sexuals attachment to Hair

Ladies, take note, Gentlemen, pay attention, fellow Metro’s, hear me!

The issue of “hair” has long been a largely debatable issue, for countless generations, and shall continue to do so between the sexes.

Please note, I am not being hypocritical, referring to my post regarding the Peacocks of Kuwait with their Anime Hairstyles (here).

The Lion's Mane! Hear the King of the Jungle Roar in Dominance!

The issue of hair is a tricky one. So this post is aimed at enlightening the masses to the machinations of the inner sanctum sanctorum of the mind of a metro sexual (my mind in particular).

I am always reminded of the Motor Ed Character from Kim Possible, “Do not touch THE LIONS MANE!”

As a metro sexual, my hair is my crown, it is my bond title to the sole monarchy of my mind. I am guaranteed to go through “bad hair days”, but I have never, nor will I ever, follow other peoples opinion when I have made up my mind on an issue. If I believe I look good (and in my minds eye, my mane is comparable to that of the original metro sexual, David Beckham) then other peoples opinion is valued, but in essence, it is a whisper in the wind. That list includes such people as random strangers, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, parents and yes, even spouse.

During university I had the pleasure to experiment with my hair, and grew it to never before reached lengths. I kid you not, I heard every SINGLE expletive you could possibly imagine, and probably didn’t hear much more as I was always plugged into the musical realm.

To me, it was a wonderful way to gauge out my professors, who may seek to believe I am an “airhead” for having long hair, and yet once they ask me any questions, the visible look of awe on their faces as I answered them was PRICELESS.

I actually heard this from a relative of mine, who told me, face-up, that when she first saw me, long hair et all, she believed me to be bland and stupid. The minute we started talking about economics, politics, social aspects etc. you name it, I know it, she was quick to change her tune.

I was even approached by a stranger at university who asked if I was a metal head (it didn’t help that I was rocking a t-shirt bedecked with skulls at the time).

I believe you should not judge a book by its cover, and the cover of us all is our hair. I am attached to my hair, it makes me feel good, I enjoy having long hair that you can care for, and not just a few mm’s of hair that hurt when combed.

Men are plagued with the dreaded genome that will eventually lead to the “Walking McDonald’s Advertisement”, or as my brothers like to call it, the Curse of the Dreaded M.

Highly social and metro sexual men such as Matthew McConaughey proudly display their Male M’s.

 What most people do not know, is that on a psychological level, I have valid reasons for my love of long hair:

1) As a child, I had beautiful hair. Until the day my dad decided to take me to a butcher barber in Kuwait, who chopped off my silky locks, and turned me into the curly haired wonder I am today.

2) I have an enlarged cranium. Yes, it does mean I am an intellectual and have plenty of “brain space”, but it lead to severe teasing in school which, drove me to tears sometimes. I will never forget how our deputy headmistress, and geography teacher, told me that the word people were using to insult me actually meant I was smart. It didn’t help much.

3) As recently as 5 years ago for my brothers wedding, my dad “forced me” to get a haircut. I literally blew a fuse, and wanted to run away from home.

Each story is built on the foundation of the one preceding it, and now, I believe I look better with long hair. It is my choice, my looks, and I am not hurting anyone by keeping my hair “reasonably” long, and of course, well groomed.

Those are the secrets I have kept inside for so long.

Metro sexuals are a rare breed of man, well groomed and fashionable. Do not attack us for it. Some guys look good with short hair, some guys look good with no hair, and others look good with long-er hair.

I believe I fall in the last category; if we differ on this issue, your opinion is much respected, but I will do it my way nonetheless.

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