The Major Design Flaw of Mosques exacerbated during #Ramadan


We see the world through the eyes of our profession. Naturally, we spend so much time bettering ourselves in our chosen fields that we forget to take off those work goggles when outside of work.

During Ramadan, mosques are filled to the brim with eager practitioners hoping to get in on the “good deed bonanza” that comes with fasting – all good deeds are multiplied! Start Good-ing!

However, through the eyes of my profession, I see a major design flaw with mosques.

Lets talk inventory – FIFO (First In, First Out) vs. LIFO (Last In, First Out).

The current structure sees people entering the mosque to fill the lines starting inside i.e. right behind the Imam, crossing the most distance to get to prayer. As the rows fill up, those who come in later walk shorter distances (from the entrance to where they pray), and seeing as how they are late, they might have missed a prayer or two, meaning that once the imam is done, everyone who made to prayer on time will have to wait to exit because these people are still praying (and you cannot cross within arms length of someone praying).

The current system is LIFO, the last to come in would be the first to go out as they keep everyone at bay till they are done, whereas it should be FIFO, the first to go in should be the first to get out.

The only way this can be done is through a door at the forefront of the mosque.

Most mosques now have already established “exit paths” located at the far sides.

Next we’ll tackle the haphazard behavior of prayer goers who recklessly toss their shoes aside in any which way at the entrance, completely oblivious to the fact that this creates an eyesore and a distraction, as opposed to attempting to put their shoes properly where they should go.

One day at a time…

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