The Mark of Shame on Kuwait

Picture if you will the following scenario; an expat from abroad getting the opportunity of a life-time – to live and work in Kuwait.

They pack their bags, purchase their tickets, board the plane and land in Kuwait, with a head full of dreams and a heart full of hope, they enter the airport building with wide eyes and the first thing they see is…

A gang of smokers, spewing out of the smoking room, smoking right smack-dab in the middle of the airport.

Smoking has been banned at all airports around the world, Kuwait seems to have not gotten the memo as of yet.

No matter, our starry eyed passenger heads to passport control, only to be greeted with a queue as long as the eye can see, immediately after getting off of the escalator or the staircase, whatever their preference was.

Kuwait airport is bursting at the seams, much like the waist of an overly obese man trying to fit into a pair of jeans he owned 20 years ago. After eating a 10-course meal.

The lack of ventilation within the airport makes the already lax smoking laws even more ridiculous as one lit cigarette can cause enough damage to remain at the airport for hours on end.

There were talks of expanding the airport, but due to “unknown” reasons, the plans are being readdressed.

The airport is a country’s first impression to newcomers, and a source of pride for its citizens:

unnamed (1)


First things first; smokers within the airport should be PUNISHED and PUNISHED SEVERELY. It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE when it is outlawed in public places.

If 10 flights land together at Kuwait International Airport, which more often than not is the case at peak times, bedlam ensues and the queue at immigration stretches all the way to the staircase, maybe even beyond? I have not seen it, but is sure to happen – this signals two things:

1) Immigration process is taking up too much time, but as it is a prerequisite to ensure the safety of Kuwait, that cannot be altered.

2) There are not enough immigration counters available at Kuwait International Airport.

The latter seems to be the more logical answer, and requires immediate rectification.

It is a shame to see Kuwait lagging behind the rest of the GCC when it comes to airport expansion – gone are any dreams of turning Kuwait into a regional HUB if the airport cannot accommodate the country’s own citizens and residents.

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