The Married Man Chronicles – Part 1: For Her

Happy birthday, dearest wife of mine,

Your presence in my life is truly divine,

We’re barely a year into our matrimony,

Writing the first few pages of this epic love story.


Marriage is a difficult undertaking. We have been brainwashed by the media, as well as our parents, into just how difficult of a path it is.

Think about it; all movies show you is the quest for love and the end result – the male and female leads fall into each others embrace and declare their undying love for one another, end scene, roll credits.

What about the next day? Or the day after that? Or the month?

On the real life side, we are born into a world where “hopefully” our parents have ironed out all the kinks between them and function as a united front. We miss out on all the arguments that lead to this well-oiled machine coming to fruition.

Nobody tells you how difficult marriage is; how hard it is to go from thinking of ME to WE.

I feel like going out. She is tired. What do we do? A sane argument would be for each to do as they please, but then there is no we, only two me’s, and as mathematics has taught us: ME(M) + ME(F) does not equal WE.

Nobody tells you what to expect.

And that is the beauty of the journey that is matrimony – it is unique, it is undefined, it is not like any other.

Anyone who tells you life is all sunshine and pink roses is either a) lying to you or b) lying to you.

There will be times you cannot stand each other, there will be times you cannot be apart from each other, that is the dance of life. That is the balance that has to be maintained.

Have I reached such Nirvana?

Far from it, but as I said before, the beauty is the journey.

As we approach one year of wedded matrimony, and on this, the day of her birthday, her first birthday as a married woman, I find myself thinking here is looking towards the next 60 years of firsts and birthdays.

More chronicles and revelations to come as they reveal themselves, in this, the first post of the Married Man.


So thank you, dearest wife, for being an integral part of my life,

I may not show it, at least to you,

But your words and thoughts affect everything I do,

The actions that you do not like,

Get filtered out when the time is right,

I do not take anything you say in vain,

That is how I love you in ways I cannot explain.

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