The Most Helpful Person in Marina Mall

Picture this; you are driving over to Marina Mall, anxious to get out of your car and enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience, when all the while, you are worrying about finding that perfect parking spot close to the entrance.

You pass by a car and suddenly its rear lights turn on, had you hesitated for a millisecond, you would have been able to get that spot, now it goes to the anxious and grateful driver behind you.

You drive around, and around, and around, until you find this man:


and he signals you to an available parking spot.

Every time this man helps me, I give him a little something. After all, parking at Marina Mall is free, and any contribution, no matter how small, will go towards helping this man, who continues to help us.

Now if only there were similar men at the Avenues! I can never quite navigate my way properly to Careffour the first time!

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