The Mystery of the missing 15 minutes

Blogcasting live from the inner atrium of the Grand Mosque! We bring you the case of the missing 15 minutes.

In the last 10 days of Ramadan it is customary for Muslims to partake in tahajud, a prayer that starts at midnight. For the past week I have been steadfast in praying at the grand mosque of kuwait. Like clockwork they start at 12AM sharp.

However, on this day, upon arriving at the mosque we were quick to discover that not one, but both main clocks within the mosque were delayed by 15 minutes.


Was this a belated attempt the government to implement a form of day light savings time?

For those that were here yesterday night you would remember that the mosque experienced a power outage at 1:50am roughly which lasted for approximately 15 minutes, and much like a car battery going flat, the clock was frozen for 15 minutes.

Open and shut case Johnson.


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