The New voices on The BreakfastShow 99.7

The morning to drive to work is paramount to setting the mood for the day. You either hear something you like which gives you an inexplicable high throughout the day, or something you do not find pleasing that leaves you temperamental.

You may have heard (literally) the change in early morning radio programming that has taken Kuwait by sudden storm. Those that grew up in Kuwait are familiar with the sound of Linda in the morning, however for the past few weeks two new voices have been airing in the morning.

At first it was believed that they were merely filling in temporarily for Linda, who has been on the air for as long as I can remember, however it was revealed that their presence on the airwaves was of a more permanent nature as Linda had left Kuwait.

Being on air is a difficult thing; you have only your voice as a weapon to grab peoples attention. That being said however, the new 2 are failing miserably to grab the attention of the people.

Love her or hate her, Linda had character. Dr Labouche had character, heck even Latina Mina had character!

A word of advice after listening to the newbies early on wednesday morning; you do not have the credibility to be “putting down” Justin Timberlake’s acting skills, let alone Mariah Carey’s.

The pair sound like they are fresh out of highschool and have no idea what they are doing. If this is your first radio-gig, you need to wet your feet elsewhere as the morning bar is set pretty high.

When faced between the conundrum of making a choice between them and the Lady DJ (who is over-the-top), I chose to go with the latter.

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