The Peacocks of Kuwait & Their Anime Hairstyles


After recently letting the cat out of the bag and stepping out of the closet on my Metrosexuality (read Metrosexuals and Mood-swings link), I’ve developed a metro eye for the straight guy.

Given this new gift, I have come up with a moniker for the recent wave of closely shaven, high-haired, waxed, moussed and gelled hair-totting persons on the streets of Kuwait, henceforth they shall be referred to as Peacocks.

The Peacock, a Male peafowl; having a crested head and very large fanlike tail marked with iridescent eyes or spots.

The Peacock, Kuwait's latest trend


(I will not post any pictures so as not to embarrass anyone specifically).

However, we have all been to Salmiya, we have all walked the malls of Avenues, 360 and Marina, so everyone is aware of the phenomenon I am describing, and if you are one of the few who do not know what I am talking about, merely go to the above sites and prepare to be amazed.


With the recent upsurge of  Peacocks (or Metro+) with their razor-sharp, laser trimmed beards and side-burns, anime-like hairstyles, and multi-colored layers of clothing, I find myself wondering, do these people not lead normal lives like the rest of us? Do they not have jobs/ schools to go to? Parents who see them? The strangest thing is that they have the most bizarre hair-cuts, that would not bode well in ANY environment other than that of a superstar/ MMA pro-wrestler who can back up his hair with his fists. Some have elongated “side burns” dangling from the side of their heads over their ears, whilst everything else on their head is shortly cut. Others have mohawks. The conclusion, bizarre.

Like I said previously, I am a metrosexual, I am conscientious about my outward appearance, my attire, my physique.

Not an all too strange sight in Kuwait

However, I also strive to remain masculine, and leave the pampering and beauty where it belongs, with the ladies, as it should be. In my honest opinion, it would be very inappropriate for a man  to take longer to get ready to go out than his feminine counterpart, no offense to the ladies of course.

Now, a question for the female audience, I beseech your valued input; would it be possible to know if these Peacocks are at all appealing?

I asked a friend of mine about these creatures and her response was point blank: they are a few French fries short of a Faaaabulously Very Happy Meal girlfriend *finger click* ( i.e. you get the picture).

Gone are the days of the roughly rugged, macho men. Wait, correction; they have also transcended their previous boundaries and become Manmoths (previously mentioned in Of Men & Muscles (link)).

When did it ever become acceptable for guys (and I use the term loosely) to wear headbands? (A special thank you to my friend Shelly for helping out with the nomenclature of this contraption; she is a participant in the Great North Run raising money to aid cancer research and help save billions of lives, please sponsor her by visiting this link) I blame football players, but they use it as a necessity to keep their hair out of their eyes, these guys.. I cannot begin to imagine why they need it.

There is a very thin line between metrosexuality and flamboyancy. It would seem the new generation in Kuwait, expats and citizens alike, ran past this line at break neck speeds and never looked back.

So to the ladies of today, who face the daunting task of selecting their beau’s from the current market full of Peacocks and Manmoths, I wish you good luck.

Natural selection dictates that the manmoths and the peacocks will either collide, and one will destroy the other, or worse, merge, an unholy alliance that will give birth to giant muscled men with immaculate hair.

Luckily, Metrosexuals walk the the fine line inbetween manmoths and peacocks. So as those two factions wage war, the spoils shall fall to us.

Have at it.

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