The Pigs that walk among us


It has become an unfortunate, unhealthy phenomenon all around Kuwait. You see people all dressed up in their fancy clothes, with their fancy hair and their fancy phones, driving their fancy cars and acting all fancy and yet, you can put all the make up you want on a pig, in the end, it is still a pig.

MLF miss piggy make-up

And why are they pigs? They are guilty of committing the gravest offence known to modern-day homo sapiens; Littering.

Kuwait has it better than most countries in that whenever you are walking down the street, you are sure to not be far from a trash receptacle. And yet, many a times you find people carelessly tossing their garbage in the middle of the street, sometimes from moving vehicles, sometimes from parked vehicles, sometimes whilst walking and even sometimes when speaking to someone.

To me, littering is the same as taking a dump in public:

dump Do the environmental thing; do NOT litter.

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