The Pinnacle of Barbarianism in Kuwait

This is a public service announcement brought to you by the good people over at Q8FootSoldiers.

The world is a strange place. As a race we have achieved the impossible by historic standards, televisions have grown thinner and clearer, telephones have gotten smaller and clearer, in 15 minutes you can undergo LASIK surgery and fix your vision, planes are able to travel faster etc.

And yet, the following is a regular occurrence in the streets of Kuwait:


Don’t get me wrong, it happens EVERY WHERE around the world, but in Kuwait it is more deplorable as there are trash cans on every corner of the street. Never mind that they are overflowing by midday, however they are there.

To see a driver roll down their window, or even worse, open their car door, to blatantly dump their trash into the middle of the street or in an empty parking lot, is deplorable.

How you carry yourself when you think no one is looking is the true measure of society.

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