The Power of Music

The Power of Music

Music plays a vital role in all our daily lives. It sets the tone for working out, for intimate moments, for parties and celebrations. When we are happy, we listen to music. When we are sad, we listen to music. When we are ecstatic, we listen to music. Show me one person that does not enjoy music in one form or another, and I will show you someone who is missing out on one of life’s greatest experiences.

Ms Martin, our music teacher during elementary school, taught us a valuable lesson which I carry with me to this day. The task she had assigned was to split off in groups, watch a Tom-&-Jerry episode (muted) and then give music to the animation, using any instrument available in our music room. To this day, I may not remember all the instruments we used (the kazoo and the triangle stick out), but what I do remember is her words when it came to the greatest musical instrument mankind possesses. She told us that our voices are the most powerful instruments we possess, as there are no instruments that mimic the meows of a cat or the anguish and pain at having an anvil dropped on your toes.

Years later, her lesson to us was reiterated by Queen Latifah during the 2004 Grammy awards, “… Sometimes it’s just about the music and the power of the human voice,”.

I have been addicted to the beat for the past 9 years. There is no musical device that I have not carried in my pockets at one point in time; from the Walkman to the Discman, to a 3-in-1 VGA digital/web cam/ mp3 player, to Generic MP3 players and now an iPod.

My favorite pass time is to listen to music whilst walking. Sometimes, most of the time, ok all the time, I get carried away, caught up in the moment and start either playing the air drums, air guitar, belting out a few off-key chords, or worse, doing a merry jig. One time whilst listening to a favorite tune of mine and getting caught up in the moment, singing & dancing in the middle of the street, I saw, out of the corner of my peripheral vision, the shoes of a woman with her kids in tow, they were pointing towards me, then she hurriedly grabbed her kids and walked to the other side of the street, shielding her kids from the “crazy” man possessed by the devil.

I am possessed, by a crazy notion that I might get “discovered” whilst singing to myself in the streets. It keeps me going, where is the harm in that? I usually turn my head around and lower my voice when in the vicinity of street folk, however most of the time, you cannot see everyone around you, hence you are bound to assault the ear canals of those in the streets at one point in time.

It happens, we’re human.

The beauty of music is that if offers a release, an escape from the troubles of the day, or acts as a catalyst, enhancing your current mood to elevated levels.

There is even talk that music can mimic the effects of drugs, referred to as Binaural Beats (link).

In the end, music is my drug and I do not plan on going clean any time soon!

Stay tuned (literally!)

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