The Powerful Effect of a Smile

A strange incident occurred to me recently whilst driving during the afternoon in Kuwait.

At a traffic light I stood, awaiting the green to turn on so I could be on my merry way, when I spotted a guy walking up the street toward my car. Something about him caught my eye, and as I scanned his attire, I found out why, he was wearing a Green Lantern hoodie, something similar to this:

Green Lantern Style Hoodie

Whether it was the fact that we were the same age, or the fact that I liked the Green Lantern, or just the thought of recognizing a cool item of clothing, I smiled (and inside my car, unaware to the outside world, I had proclaimed Green Laaaaatern!). Whilst I was in the midst of this, the strangers eyes caught mine, and he smiled back.

Up till that point, he had been carrying a somber expression on his face.

And that is the power of one smile.

Have you ever thought of the immense rush you get when someone tells you something nice about you? Whether its something you did, something you said, flattery is a great weapon. A smile can go a long way in relieving a person of the burden they may happen to be carrying.

Imagine if we lived in a world where it was OK to compliment a stranger, how Utopian would that be?

In Islam, it is said that one should smile in the face of others, as the outcomes are beyond imagination. From relieving stress to bringing joy to the heart of others, and in some cases, a smile can also carry healing abilities, for is not widely known that laughter is the best medicine?

More about smiling and Islam can be found here however the page is in Arabic.

Each person carries a different load in life, there is not enough time to inquire from each as to the severity of their burden, and it is impossible to assist them in carrying it. Except by smiling.

A smile can go a long way.

So go ahead, smile and show off them pearly whites.

Smile to the World, and the World Smiles back

You cannot imagine the positive effect it will have on people, however you can see it immediately.

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