The Problem when Media goes Unregulated

Our world is shaped by the Media. Every day we are bombarded by messages on all mediums telling us what to eat, where to go, how to dress, what to buy and most importantly, and notoriously, how to think.

Much like our parents used to warn us as children not to try out the things we see on TV, from action movies to wrestling, the same is true nowadays.

Here is a sample of an ad that was broadcasted in Egypt; a current hot-pot of political and social unrest. The video goes to warn Egyptians to play their cards close to their chest, in that they should be wary in talking about the current problematic way of life in Egypt.

Egypt, a country that depends on tourism, is being told to distrust tourists.

They later amended the ad to be as follows:

We need to be careful what we watch, and how it affects us.

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