The Pursuit of Passion


Find your Passion

What makes life interesting?

Having someone to share it with of course! Along with something else, finding your calling, the pursuit of passion as it is also referred to. Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to pursue and grasp, others, almost immediately. When you do what you love, you love what you do, as the saying goes “love what you do until you do what you love”.

The calling has often been discussed but never fully understood. What is it? How do we find it? What is in it for us as individuals?

Anything that gives you pleasure in life, that makes you feel happy and content, is a calling, a passion. It can be a job, a career, a hobby or a skill that you have. It does not necessarily have to generate an income for you (although that would be an added bonus!) but, its what you do to be happy. Whenever you feel down or blue, sad or confused, upset or angry, your passion is what lifts your spirits, what liberates you from the tortured vessel that is your psyche and transports you back to a place where you are truly happy.

This post was inspired by a wonderful individual I came across whilst pursuing my passion, Terri Alexander. Terri is one such individual who personifies the pursuit of passion. Finding herself a stranger in a foreign land, she began seeking comfort and solace in Yoga, after picking up a book on the subject and going down a road of self education and discovery. You can read more about her journey here, as the seeds of her journey came into fruition. Terri now operates the first Yoga Breath Studio in Kuwait, having risen in ranks from reader to amateur to professional.

Initially I was under the impression that my passion lied in writing poetry, now however, I believe I have found my passion in life, after the love of my life of course, and that is to write.

I have always been a fan of reading, easily transported to different worlds via words, engrossed in what I read to the point of outwardly smiling and laughing and expressing my keenness outwardly (usually done in private). That pastime of reading slowly manifested itself in creative writing, I was an apt pupil of the art during my schooling years.

Ever since starting a blog, I have come to realize the joys of writing, of expressing myself in a way different than relying on audibility or gesticulation.

Initially, writing is not my livelihood, I have a full time job that I love and am constantly getting better at it. Writing is my hobby, my pastime, my passion.

Your passion will be shared between you and yourself at first, if you master that craft, you will share it with the world.

So go ahead, take risks and find your passion.

The most worthwhile pursuit after love; Passion

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