The Push-Pull Conundrum

MyBloogle has returned.

Dear all,

Over the course of the past two weeks, I was stationed in Mumbai on assignment (as some readers & tweeters may have been aware). During business hours, I was unable to actively post much, and heading back to the hotel, I would take the time to change and then set out to explore, rack up more ideas for future posts, and hence, my readership may have felt betrayed by my apparent lack of attention towards them.

And for that, I do apologise profusely.

Now I have returned to Kuwait, do expect an array of different posts highlighting my wonderful trip to Mumbai.

As with all trips to a new, foreign land, one is left with a sense of nostalgia, of did it really happen, wondering if it was all a dream or whether this is the dream, in a very Leo DiCaprio-esque style.

So, how did I know I was truly back in Kuwait?


yes, I have freakishly long, ET-like fingers


Those that followed my tweets whilst in India will know that when it came to doors there, push was push and pull was pull, the terms were not interchangeable.

Whilst trying to push a door that said “pull”, I received a strange glance from the security guard, who questioned why a man adorned in shirt and tie was unable to read and follow simple instructions.

I had no choice but to laugh at my own stupidity, for attempting to overcome the language barrier and explain why I had done what I done did was too much of an effort.

Suffice to say, stay tuned for the upcoming posts.

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