The Q8CycleCavaliers – A “Wheel” Good Time!

A new social club has “sprung up” to take the Kuwait Sports Scene by surprise!

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce the Q8CycleCavaliers!


Proudly sponsored by the same Artist that brought you the Q8FootSoldiers Logo!


Yes, the name might be a mouthful, however given the circumstance, and its position as the literal spin-off of the Q8FootSoldiers, cycle cavaliers maintains the same air as Foot Soldiers, it was either that or Wheel Cavaliers, which wouldn’t sound good once abbreviated to Q8WC, a group for bathroom lovers of Kuwait!

This was the inaugural ride of the Q8CC’s:


I ride to and from home (do not follow me :P) – Subtract 8KM to give the total group cycle time.

And here are the founding members!


All the way from the land down under, Wil the Wheelman! He brings knowledge to the ride, for example, I was not aware that cycling behind someone conserved 30% of your energy! And also a great topographical knowledge (him being a map maker and all).




And here we have the Amazing Mr. Adamantine! The true inspiration behind the paradigm shift from running to cycling. As fast with a monkey wrench as he is on his wheels, Adam proves quite the mechanic when it comes to any cycling related problems.


We picked this one up off the street.

Although it might appear to people that I am attempting to forsake my running background and switch to cycling, that analysis could not be farther from the truth! Being a shrewd businessman, I believe in 3 things: Diversification, Diversification, Diversification! I am merely expanding my sports portfolio to encompass more sports-time. However I remain a runner at heart, forever and for always.

Our scheduled meet ups are Saturday mornings (as Friday mornings are for the Q8FootSoldiers), we try to change our cycling routes, we’re mostly on wheels for about 2 hours.

Do come along and enjoy the ride!




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