The Return of Rush Hour to Kuwait – Drivers be Happy!

Whether you are a parent, an employee or a student in university, chances are you will be up and at it early. Now, school is back in session, and what that means is the end of clear roads and blue skies (well, humid skies) for the 9~5 junkies who despite remaining in Kuwait over the Summer got to experience a form of vacation in that we could get to and from work faster without the presence of schools and their gridlocks.


Rush hour is back with avengeance in Kuwait; during this highly irritating time it is extremely important to remember that allowing others to pass will NOT make you late for work. Be courteous, be kind, be polite, smile and allow others to merge in from side roads. In the end, it is something we all have to deal with, but doing so with a smile on your face will definitely help you get through the early morning commute faster and with a more positive attitude as opposed to cursing every being in existence that crosses your path.

Remember, do onto others as you would have them do onto you. And trust me; a**holes will always exist, every single day. The best way to beat em is to do something nice for a stranger, it will quickly relieve the fiery tension knotting in your stomach as a result of their a**holiness. Stay safe & jam out to your favorite tunes to relieve the stress too!


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