The Review of @RunQ8Official 10KM run @q8sportevents

Alas, with yesterdays race now in the past, the Kuwait Sports Calendar for the running enthusiast has come to an end.

Thank you Fato for the lovely photo!

Thank you Fato for the lovely photo!

It is truly tragic that a country as rich as Kuwait hosts only two popular running events in any given year; the RunQ8 10KM charity run and the now slowly-gaining-momentum 642 Marathon.


Whatever happened to Kuwait Charity Run (link)?

Alas, I digress.

Yesterday’s 10KM was a great, fun-filled event with plenty of give away’s (if only some organizers followed this example as opposed to hosting companies that charged 1KD per banana), friendly and familiar faces, high fives and attaboys to strangers and an overall sense of accomplishment and pride.



The race started off without a hitch on time, however, here are the points that should be taken into consideration next year:

1) 9AM was too late a time to start as on the run back to the finish line, the sun was burning down upon the contestants, searing skin and blurring vision. Such races should commence at 8AM.


2) Pro-Vision, despite their best efforts to appear as a professional sports event time tracking company, continue to have issues that leave runners feeling annoyed and frustrated at the finish line. Case in point, despite crossing over the finish line within the first 45 minutes of the race, my bib number (200) failed to register on the results board, robbing me of the bragging rights to 2013 me that I set a new personal best for myself.

Further, the results page online did not have my results either, despite affirmation by the organizers that it would be so. I am also unable to pull out the certificate.

3) As what happens with most races, there was very little organization for the run back – the 5K return, where walkers and strollers were occupying 90% of the lane assigned to runners, forcing those on the return leg to have to maneuver between them and oncoming traffic. There should have been a clear demarcation to give those returning fair footing in a good space.


4) The water stations at the 500M mark were distracting as one assumes water would be available at every KM, granted the walkers needed hydration at their turnaround of 2.5KM, however it should not have carried on to the 4KM point. There were even some stations were the water was merely placed on the sidewalk and runners had to bend down to pick them up themselves while propelling forward!

5) The final distance exceeded 10KM, which is good, as it did not fall short, however the actual distance should be informed by the organizers to the participants.

However, despite the aforementioned setbacks, the race was great overall with plenty of comradery at the finish line with new friendships forged after intense, grueling efforts put forward in finishing the 10KM run.

Plus, it is for charity.

Looking forward to the next RunQ8 charity run!

Any chance of making it a bi-annual affair? Pretty please? 😀

DSC_0741Extra: The Finish Line Fiasco

Finally happy that the organizers listened to my pleas from 2012 to pull up the finish line banner for all finishers, not just the top 3 or 10. However, I was unable to recreate the spontaneous image that has become my crowning running achievement – jumping over the finish line.

As I looked ahead I saw three runners ahead of me and the finish line being raised, I knew that short of having a rocket surgically implanted into my feet, I would never be able to cross ahead of them, so instead of the final dash for the finish line, I hung back waiting for the line to be raised once they crossed.

It was sadly not meant to be as the wind blew it down before I could jump over it.

Maybe next year…

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