The Right Type Of Flossing

....Not That Type Of Flossing...

Let me start off this article with a quote i just made up..” That little piece of thread is a tooths best friend”.

Flossing is basically the removal of food from in between the teeth. This may seem as an inadequate space to clean as it’s so small to cause any real damage….Guess again. Normally, there should be no spaces between teeth, sometimes even with no spaces food gets wedged in there and it can be a nightmare to get out. And so the Dental Industry has gifted us with this very simple yet very effective piece of waxed thread that’s used to remove any food debris.

Now the benefits of flossing are many and they’re quite obvious. For one thing, you’d look like that Witch from the Emperors New Groove when she had spinach stuck between her teeth which is not very attractive.

Attractive Isn't She??

Also, leaving pieces of your lunch or dinner in between your teeth will lead to decaying of this food stuff by bacteria and causing bad breath which plagues so many people, as well as irritation and inflammation of the gums which increases the risk of ‘bleeding gums’ during brushing. However, the most dangerous problem of food stuck between teeth is that bacteria starts to work on this food, producing acids that have the ability to dissolve the tooth tissue causing decay of the tooth in an area that is difficult to see except by X-ray examination. If this food accumulation is allowed to continue, calculus ( rock hard debris of food and bacteria ) begins to form on the roots causing loss of bone from in between the teeth and in between the roots pushing you into a dilemma that may end with surgery either to remove the tooth or cut it up to remove the defected area……..Now do you see how important flossing is??

Radiographic Evidence Of What I'm Talking About

Of course flossing has its rules and regulations. For one thing, digging the waxed thread deep between the teeth until your gums bleed is a definite No No. The proper way to floss is to gently slide the piece of waxed thread between the teeth using gentle forward and backward motions until it slips between the teeth, then an upward motion with the piece of thread adapted to the tooth surface is the best way to ensure proper and adequate cleaning. If you follow these rules and still experience bleeding gums, you may be suffering from inflamed gums which is easily remedied by proper oral hygiene and mouth wash ( containing Chlorhexidine ).

That's What I Call Flossing....

Interdental brushes are also very useful and i personally find them more easy to use than floss with better cleaning and removal of food. They’re especially useful if you have a crown placed with an open contact that frequently traps food…and i speak from very personal experience =) .

The Different Types Of Interdental (Interproximal) Brushes

Again, for any questions or comments feel free to give me a holler =D.

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