The Runner’s Tragedy – A Short Narrative

When it comes to the most important item in your running arsenal, the act of running is a love-hate relationship.

That apparel is… The Running Shoe.

The Running Shoe (my NEW running shoe!)

The way it works is as follows; you buy a pair of shoes you find to be awesome, your first run with them is appalling, they’re still too hard and rigid. Mile by mile, you start growing more accustomed to your shoe as your feet begin to imprint in them. After a while the melding is complete, and your foot and shoe have become one, you literally soar to new heights at greater speeds and all seems right with the world.

Sadly however, this union is the beginning of the end, for the more you use said shoe to attain perfection, the faster you accelerate its wear-&-tear, until slowly, but surely, the shoe loses its elasticity, and the downward spiral kicks in, until the shoe is no longer fit for running consumption.

Given the pride of the running shoe amongst other foot apparel, one cannot simply turn it into an every day shoe, and hence it must be discarded, never to be worn again, never to strike the pavement at awesome speeds.

It is  a sad conundrum.

What’s more, a seasoned runner is a seasoned cheater, for in the strange relationship that exists between runner and shoe, the fact that the above happens would drive the runner to seek a union with another shoe whilst using their current shoe, so as to avoid any downtime between the sad demise of the former, and the triumphant succession of the latter. In essence, this podiatric  infidelity exists in all runners, and all older models must watch shamefully as a new shoe is bought into their midst, their successor, the mistress in their marital relationship with the runners feet.

Tis a sad life, that of the running shoe.

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