The Shirt off My Back

I know how to pick ’em!

When I ventured across the seas to visit Thailand, I knew that one of my main goals there would be to satisfy my eccentric shopping tastes; I love anything and everything to do with dragons on shirts, t-shirts etc. So whilst visitng the lovely island of Phuket, I came across a fabulous piece that I could not live without (mind you, I had just landed there, and caught the item out of the corner of my eye whilst heading for the beach).

The lady, or couple, originally from India so I felt right at home in their shop, wanted to bilk me 750BHT for it! After much haggling, I got the price down to 450BHT (roughly 4KD which I considered a fair price, thinking this is what it would cost in Kuwait). I had asked the guys to get me the rest of the colors in my size (they didn’t carry a stock of medium), and fortunately for me, the shipment was delayed, the guy actually thought I would pay him to send me the goods later! Phuket was the first leg of my vacation, I also went to Pattaya & Bangkok. I regretted the former if not for the following happening.

Now, in Pattaya, I was severely depressed. It was a brothel for the elderly, and I did not fit in, however! It is a town with something for everyone, and whilst going to the infamous walking street, I happened across the same shirt from Phuket! And guess what? IT COST 250BHT!! thats almost half the price! So, to cover my losses, I bought two more and was a thoroughly happy chappy.

Now, fastforward to almost a year later, I decided to wear said shirt on an outing to a rugby game. It was my 2nd choice too. As you will see, fate works in mysterious ways.

Our team won the match, YAY! So it was time for the “3rd Half”, which I understood to be the after-party after foolishly inquiring, how can you have 3 halves in a game? I am still green when it comes to Rugby.

So, we’re at the after party, and some carrot top dude tells me he likes my shirt. As an Arabic custom, you would offer your shirt to the person, and they would respectfully decline, its a thing we do. However, this dude was persistent, he actually wanted it! At first he wanted to barter some league t-shirt from 2006, which was 3 times my size and in baby blue, not one of my favorites, plus I do not accept t-shirts with collars, collars are made for shirts only in my books.

At first I just smiled and played along, but he was persistent yet again. He then upped the ante and said I’ll pay you 5KD for that shirt, right now. Again, I smiled and said no, he upped the offer further to 10KD (to the mathematically challenged, thats a profit of 500% on the purchase price).

For the sake of having this story to tell, I accepted. And left colder, and 10KD richer.

I have invested in stocks, gold and IPOs, not one of them has netted such a handsome profit!

PS It was only the second time I ever wore that shirt, and now, it shall be the last.

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