The Spoiler-less review of The Amazing Spider-Man

The telling of the same story in a different way is a surefire method of garnering new attention.

 What makes this review different? I’m a fan of the Spidey-verse spanning all forms of media, from action figures to cartoons to comics and animated series, that’s what!

summed up in word? Better

At long last I finally joined the ranks of those that watched The Amazing Spider-Man, the revamped franchise staring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, with the ever staple cameo of the father of the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee. Also, the addition of Sally Field & Martin Sheen as Aunt May & Uncle Ben? Genius!

The costume is reminiscent of Ben Reilley’s portrayal of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man as opposed to Peter Parker.

For those that do not know, Ben Reilley (formerly the Scarlet Spider) was a clone of Peter Parker

The best part? The story.

Everyone is familiar with the story of Spider-Man: young nerd gets bit by a radio-active spider, gets super-powers proportional to that of a spider, mixed with his intellect creates the recipe for a hero. Tragedy befalls him as his Uncle got murdered by a thief he let go earlier, giving birth to the most famous catchphrase of the Spider-Verse, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. This is amazing in itself, as it leaves the reader with the knowledge of expecting what is coming up, but not knowing how it will play out on-screen.

We all know this story, and it was great to see it retold differently, as was the original intent with the Ultimate Spider- Man series (on which the movie was based). Where the comic writers take established characters and give them new stories. For example, Venom (in the comic books) is no longer a symbiote of alien origin, instead an extract from  the genetic code of Peter Parker in hopes to recreate the Spider-Man abilities (much like the super-soldier serum of Captain America was meant to recreate him, but we ended up with the Hulk).

James Vanderbilt took the character in a different path, focusing on his early relationship with Gwen Stacy as opposed to the fiery redhead Mary Jane Watson. Originally, Parker met Gwen at University, not high-school. His highs-school crush was Mary Jane Watson (the girl next door). However, who is paying attention to detail?

The previous franchise took the story from the comic book verbatim, right down to the wrestling angle and the cheesy Responsibility slogan. Thankfully that was forgone during this re-telling, although they still managed to work in a bit of the wrestling angle as well as the word responsibility, but worded differently!

Some movies are able to pull off the two-villains-per-movie trick, The Batman franchise being the most  notorious.(Although they did fail miserably after the Michael Keaton Era and before the Christian Bale Era!) Thankfully, a lesson was learnt from the last Spider-Man film, and the focus was kept on two primary entities – One Hero, One Villain (and of course one blonde love interest!)

Light cannot exist without Dark, and hence it is always the case where the birth of a hero must also lead to the birth of a villain (otherwise it would make a very boring movie).

Does Andrew Garfield have the Spider-Factor? From the long list of Spidey-Wannabes (which includes but is not limited to Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Hutcherson – The Hunger Games); he doesn’t resemble any Peter Parker I am familiar with, however there have been several (one of which was voiced by the LEGEN-DARY Neil Patrick Harris himself), so that is not so bad. He can definitely grow into the role. In an interview, he did go live to state that he does not want to be stereotyped as JUST Spider-Man. Although, it will definitely help his career to garner that recognition. Andrew only has a decade on the intended age of the character he is playing!

The on-screen chemistry was perfect between Andrew & Emma, maybe because they became a couple in real life as well after meeting on the set of Spider-Man?

As an initial start, we are faring better than the previous saga (as the same can be said for the Hulk revamp starring Edward Norton as opposed to Eric Bana; unfortunate as it is that Ed will never reprise the role of Hulk as was evident in the Avengers).

The introduction of 3D has definitely aided the realistic touch of watching Spidey swing from the rooftops, on one occasion I did involuntarily shudder at an approaching tower as Spidey plummeted downward.

Maybe in the sequel, Andrew Garfield can hone in on Spidey’s infamous battle banter, which he uses as brilliantly as his webbing to ensnare his enemies.

Sadly though, no catchy theme-music this time around! So to end on a high note, here’s a track from the previous franchise:

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