The travel conundrum of Kuwait

Riddle me this, does the job title on your work permit hold any significant importance?

If you are not a Western expat or one of the nationalities that enjoy visa on arrival in the Gulf region, then it is extremely paramount for you.

In the beginning,  life was easy. The sho’oun (ministry of social affairs and labor) was lax with job titles. Lax in the sense that so long as you were doing a certain job, you would be given that title in your work permit.

Then the shakeup of February 2013 happened,  and all was thrown into dissaray.

For the longest time your profession in your work permit gave you certain perks such as visa on arrival in the GCC, loan applications at banks and even drivers licences.

The story now is that your work permit job description must match your degree, before it was enough that it matched your employment contract. This is a huge hassle for most whose job has nothing to do with their field of study, for example,  a BSc in Business Administration working as an accountant – accountants being one of the strong professions on par with engineers, doctors, managers etc. In terms of treatment. No, now since your degree doesn’t read accounting then you cannot be an accountant.

Ok. So what can I be, Despite the fact that I’ve been working as an accountant for the duration of my career to that day, and that I previously had that job title?

Their response;  anything else.

Even if it has nothing to do with my degree or daily activities at work??

Yes, even then.

So you’re working as an accountant,  but they can’t call you accountant on your work permit so they call you something else, and this severely affects your ability to get visa on arrival in the GCC.

Just another toil of the working non-Western expat in Kuwait.

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