The Ultimate Android App for All Androiders – #Moboclean

Attention, THIS IS NOT A TECH BLOG! Although sometimes, we tend to dabble in things outside our comfort zone when the situation really demands it, and so I am here to talk to you about – Moboclean.

I know, it sounds like a failed sales pitch from the beginning right? Did I mention it is free?

Got your attention now right? Lets drive the point home.


The reason many users gravitate toward Android as opposed to Apple is customization – with Android you can root your phone and update everything – a new OS, theme etc. whereas Apple does not provide such customization.

Now, we are all familiar with rooting right? No? Jailbreaking for Apple? Still no? Well, despite allowing users the absolute right to mess with everything with the phone, all phones purchased come with firmware – as in the software belongs to the brand you brought it from i.e. Sony, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huwaei etc. so sometimes, in order to get max customization privileges, you need to root your phone.

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However when you root your phone you run the risk of turning it into a brick and losing the warranty.

Why would you need to root?

like we said earlier, phones come with firmware, and apps downloaded come with strings – for example, they set themselves to automatically start up with the phone, to send anonymous statistics, to access your calendar, contacts, number etc. To some people who view this as a huge invasion of privacy, this poses quite the problem.

Moboclean solves that problem.

Whereas rooting is risky – Moboclean carries 0 risk (at face value). What it does is it roots the application itself and gives you superuser permission, in certain cases, to decide whether or not an app is allowed to run automatically, access bluetooth, location, number etc.


What is in it for me?

Believe it or not, this saves battery. I sh*t you not, I have been using Moboclean for the past few days, and already the battery life is considerably longer. Initially it used to be great (running on Xperia Z2) but after the latest update (as a result of the privacy bug with android) the battery drain has shifted into overdrive and before whereas my phone would last almost a full 24 hours and still have 20% or so juice left, it started requiring an afternoon pick-me-up charge.

How does Moboclean work?

Again, as we are not tech junkies, we can only speculate on what happens, as we explained above the app reinstalls all your other apps and tweaks them to the point where you are allowed to set their internal settings yourself.

Now this does not work for all apps, and it doesn’t affect firmware apps, but that is ok because you can manually disable those from your applications settings – I don’t think it is possible to keep an app installed and disable it, or atleast it is not on Xperia Z2.

Problems, if any?

Glad you mentioned it! In our usage of Moboclean, we did come across the following problems:

1) the uninstall/reinstall, although automatic, sometimes results in your “personalized settings” getting deleted, such as Viber favorites etc.

2) Your passwords would need to be re-entered for everything – so make sure you know them before uninstalling.

3) You would be required to know how to interact with the app (all the titles in it are self explanatory btw.) in order to resolve any problem that might arise as a result of the reinstallation process – for example, I denied my tracking apps access to my location without my permission, so even if the satellites connect the map does not load, so I had to open the settings and set it to always acquire my location etc.

4) Whatsapp will take time to load! Be patient! It is preferable to backup all your convo’s before uninstalling – I set mine to backup everyday at 4AM, but then all the conversations from 4AM till the time of the uninstall-reinstall will be lost.

5) Once you disguise your location it is impossible to change back to “prompt”.

You can read up more on this magical app here and you can download it from this link here (note it is not available on the Playstore).

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