The Ultimate Cheapskates in Kuwait City

The Reason I Love Kuwait City

For the longest time, back as far as the days of high school, my most favorite destination in Kuwait City was the little shop pictured above, run by two brothers who look a lot alike, it has been and always will be my most desired snack in Kuwait City – Samoosa (not samBoosa as the majority of people call it!)

My brother and I recently started playing a game of Samoosa Roulette where we get a dozen samoosa’s and interject 2 vegetable samoosa’s amidst 10 cheese ones. My brother HATES the vegetable ones due to the after-effect its leaves on your breath. I am indifferent.

Had I not seen this event with my own two eyes, I would not have thought it possible that people could be so idiotically cheap.

So, there I was ordering our dozen when two men clad in dishdasha’s come up to ask the shopkeeper, how much is the samoosa? He replies, 10 pieces for 250fils. Then one of them asks how much for one? At this point you can tell they are not cleverly or overly bright as it doesn’t take a genius to divide 250/10 to get 25fils. The shopkeeper humored them and said 25 fils. At which point both ask give us one to taste (each), shopkeeper obliges.

Now, thats 25fils into 2 making 50fils, correct?

The guys pull out a 10KD note and hand it over to the shopkeeper, who refuses and just asks them to leave.

They walk off.

In life, I do not like to owe a service provider money; I got in a taxi once and the meter read 6LE, I gave him a 10LE note (this was at 3am) and he had no change. He offered to give me back 1.5LE at first, then said here, take 5LE and I forgive you for the last one. I got out and left him the change completely.

Although 50fils might seem an inconsequential amount to most, the shopkeepers wares are all in that price bracket, more over, it is very indecent to pull such a ridiculous stunt in order to satisfy a craving.

What’s happening to the world?


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