The Ultimate iPhone Accessory Now Available in Kuwait

A treat for all iPhone lovers out there, the greatest iPhone accessory is now available in Kuwait.

How often have you seen an iPhone looking like this:

Yes ladies and gentlemen, despite being touted as the greatest invention since sliced bread, the one fatal flaw of the iPhone is its frailty, delicacy and vulnerability to mortal damage.

Fear not!

For the first time in Kuwait, and from one sole distributor, the answer to protecting the iPhone from physical damage completely, therefore protecting your valuable information and data, has arrived.

The answer is in the form of a case.

But not just any case.

It is a LifeProof case.


This accessory offers 4 different protections for the iPhone, (personally tested) with it, your iPhone will be impervious to:

1) Shock

Accidentally dropped your phone whilst getting out of your car? Do not worry, the case will protect it plenty, from a height of up to 2M.

2) Water

Not only does it protect your phone from water, but you can take it a step further and use the iPhone as a submersible camera when vacationing near the beach!  The speakerphone works above water to allow you to take hands-free calls too.

3) Dirt

Continuously and permanently sealing your device against exposure to mud, sand, grit, dust, and lint with no limits on duration of exposure.

4) Snow

Not such a big deal in Kuwait, however for those of you who travel, its an added bonus.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get yours ASAP.

Available in the following colors: Pink, Purple, Black, White

For information regarding price etc. please call 6707-1316

Price: 40KD

For more information on the product check out their website (link).

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