The Ultimate Skiving Excuse

In the wrong hands, this little piece of advice is deadly, but when used moderately, it provides a great cover story!

I’ve noticed when changing jobs that it is not a good omen to tell your current employer that you are going for an interview during official office hours. If you feel honor-bound to do so, you are a moron, no offence.

But what is the perfect excuse to skive off work, to go for that interview that runs later than expected?

For guys, and the adventurous girls, I have found the perfect one.

What you will need to pull this off is a drivers licence, coz you need to be driving!

Here is how it goes; you go for your interview with the new company, everything is stellar, they love you, so you spend a few more minutes chatting around and generally absorbing the atmosphere of your soon-to-be new workplace. Uh-oh, its now 15 mins to 2, and you took a break at 12 for an hour for lunch. What to do?

Never fear, drive methodically back to your current employer, on the way out of your car, simply rub your hands over the tire to get the effect similar to the picture above, walk into your office, head held high, and explain to them you had a flat tyre.

I’ve used this excuse twice, and it has always helped me make the jump to what is better.

Ofcourse, it must be used in moderation, you cannot go having a flat tyre every month, that would draw suspicion!

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