The Video that always makes me Weep

هذه بنت رجل الاعمال حسن ماللك الذي يقضي عقوبة السجن ظلما في محاكمة عسكرية للمدنيين ظالمة وذلك بتهمة الانضمام لتنظيم الاخوان المسلمين ولقد تم قفل شركاتة وتشريد العمال واخذ ماله وحسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل في الظلمة

I Wish I could translate what the little girl is saying, but I believe that anyone, regardless of whether they understand arabic or not, will be moved by the tonality of her voice, and the pain in her eyes as she talks.

At first she speaks to her father, in prison, to have patience.

Then she speaks about how her friends fathers come to pick them up from school, and she is left wondering why her father isnt there to pick her up, and her teachers ask her, where is your father, she replies he is coming, knowing full well he will never come.

And then she reads a poem, asking her father why he left her, all the promises he made her.

It is truly heart wrenching.

Her father, a prominent businessman, was unjustly and unfairly tried in a Military Court, despite being a civilian, and sentenced to 7 years, his business liquidated, his accounts frozen.

That is the reason why we rise against Mubarak, the “so-called” Emergency Law is meant to oust any who dare to oppose or voice an opinion against him. It robs people of their constitutional rights of a fair trial, of sufficient evidence to incriminate.
For those that do not know, there are thousands of political prisoners in Egypt, and they rarely see the light of day, so good is the government at silencing them. Just look at how long Ayman Noor, presidential candidate, was jailed for after he ran in the elections.
PS Ayman Noor was only released as a gesture of goodwill towards Obama’s rise to office.

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